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Amen Ben Koussa, also known by his stage name Amen BK, is a World and Hip Hop artist. His music genre would be defined as poetry on a rap beat fused with World melodies. Advocate of conscious art, his lyrical content reflects various perspectives of themes with a loyal positive approach.


Debut & Career


He was born in Tunisia, North Africa where he devoted himself to his music. In the suburb of Tunis, Amen BK started crafting rhythm and poetry at an early age. He joined a local crew, called Mafio XMC's, back in the early 2000's. This was a great way for him to develop his skills and gain production experience. By 2003, he and his group mates had released a street tape and made appearances in local events, before the crew got disbanded the following year.


In 2008, Amen BK formed the band Empire. They released numerous singles that had an impact on the Tunisian Hip Hop scene. The group succeeded to build a solid reputation that contributed to multiple tours, media appearances, and an international peace collaboration with the USA Hip Hop ambassadors "Remarkable Current" in 2011.


In 2013, he moved to San Diego, California and co-founded C°MANTICS Record Label. Always in touch with his creativity, he continued working on solo works and exploring new styles, while featuring with other artists. The year 2015 marks a significant milestone of his career, as he produced his first LP album, “Another Perspective”. It was released in January 2016 by C°MANTICS.

Photos by SBK Photography approved for public use

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