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Watch watch the stats
Dodge dodge the impasse
Corrupted numbers decides your fate
Take it back before it's too late


They poison what's human replace it by digits
Mutate algorithms with no limits
Contamination turned into a usual habit
Toxication, overspread in the whole planet
At any level any scale
In every small fraction of a detail
A passport barcode defines identities
Divides the world into 3 entities
21st is the century
You can't tell which politician is your enemy
They only see decimals in you
They don't speak the same language you do
Banks hold your future as a prisoner
Decide your whole fate without your signature
Yeah you just a figure in a cell
Their ultimate business clientele
What you think when you choose to ignore?
Indifferent until hell knocks on your door
Until you have the wrong medical coverage
Left days average worth your account leverage
Uuh same aphorism
Misleading education infects kid’s mannerism
Expand the curse to nature
Ecosystems failure
It's all about filthy profit margins
Slavery, factory dungeons
Time to be cautious, to be conscious, greed is monstrous
Lack of options, we are for auction, we need some actions
Deadly combinations, fatal toxins
Do the math, seriously
Before we'll perish, miserably


(Chorus 4X)

Watch watch the stats, do the math
Dodge dodge the impasse, in fact
Corrupted numbers decides your fate
Take it back before it's too late


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