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You tied the rope of our gravity
Gifted Mars his strength capacity
Made us embrace the beauty dimension
Claimed the Moon and its ascension
Venus, the fountain of the feelings
Your rooted charm is the spirit of the Phoenix
Your core warmth is so intense
You turn in trance, the planets dance


Silver, gold, diamonds and pearls
Honor your essence blessings in the world
Divine colors, conceived chemistry
Supreme wonder the flower of the Galaxy
For you we shaped Art
Separated the day and night apart
Kingdoms are ruins without your Majesty
You’re the rhythm of the fantasy


War scars you purge
The untold Heaven when our souls merge
Miracles emerge
You lead the joy from pain to diverge
Your walk is written on a masterpiece solfege
Your earned heart is Mount Everest edge
Everything heavenly I can speak of
You the fire that sets love off

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