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Have you ever felt displaced in your own land?
Have you ever felt trapped in quicksand?
Stuck in behind, future is undefined
Like stars were never meant to be aligned
Like Atlas, holding pains on my shoulders
Thoughtless, struggles with no closures
No solution disclosure
Your deep gut feelings, feeling haunted by a turn over
Day-dreaming powerless against reality
Taste of sweet sourness in zero gravity
Am I alive?
…How can I say?
Didn't idealize my life this way
With two options in front of me
To chase my fate or defeat chases me
Only one shot to be effective
Perceive life from another perspective


(Chorus 2X)

We're stranded or we move on
We abandon or we stand strong
The ultimatum is to stay perceptive
See life from another perspective


I decided to grab the steering wheel
Believed in my faith to heal my Achilles’ heel
Surprised how things get ordered in the process
I am stepping forward, I am making Progress
Took pride in every move
Took challenges personally to prove to myself that I improved
A better man here I am
Paid what I earned in full in the end
It's not perfect the way I planned it
Made choices some right, some wrong
I never take anything for granted
Impossible to expect what comes along
It's not the last battle, clearly
Until the next one
Yours Sincerely


(Chorus 2X)

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