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We are taking that one back to the Old School, ya know
Old School funky style, yeah
And it goes like this…


Today is the day to do it right
Funk it up maximum delight
Shades on full on Adidas
Golden necklace with a smile of a Genius
Warm up keep it classy classic
Before it turns to tragic gymnastics
Wait! No flashy lights close up
Cuz that’s messed up
Hey DJ!
Make that set thrilling
Burn it up for the BBoys in the building
Stylish footwork form cyphers
Throw away those lame whack-biters
Give me love, give me funk
Will show you moves of a Shaolin Monk
Like a Loco rocking that funky air guitar
I am the neighborhood Superstar


(Chorus 2x)

Ignite for tonight
It's getting tight, keep your style in sight
Get down, no doubt
Dust it off, bust it out


No more work you earned it bro
Bust those steps, let it go
No questions and know what for
Tell them who’s the King of the dance floor
Sister! Groove on! Sister with style
Flawless run, crack that smile
Black lights! Let’s all glow yo 
Don't step on my toe
Let's dance, let’s sweat it off
That monkey on your back, you gotta turn it off 
You gotta kick it off, you gotta shake it off
Ease it off, like it's a day off
No drama the rule
All is all cool!
The funk is on all night
Today is the day, and let's make it right


(Chorus 2x)

Ignite for tonight
It's getting tight keep your style in sight
Get down no doubt
Dust it off bust it out


Come on, drop that solo yo
Air guitar fever
Groove on yeaaaah
Keep it funky all day!
Life is short you know


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