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Ying Yang balance…I’m there
Beyond the sun and the moon, I fuse with air
Leave my body on an out-of-body experience
Maximize my energy to the purest
It’s getting serious…
You gettin curious?
Raise my consciousness to the idealist
Put my shield on, aka the Vortex
Connected to the Universe ready for what's next
Uh, on top of the pyramid
I built, yes I am the hermit
The level is higher saluting my ancestors first
Here I am with the Masters of the Universe
Stepping up, paying my respect
Opening the third eye, then I alternate
My vision to open all the prisons
To free the lost souls from their own armageddon
Uh please take me higher
I am the old soul, their own messiah
Give me the speed of light and the heat of fire
the wisdom of the pharaohs and the strength of the Maya
I move in a path of sacred geometry
Beyond the galaxy travels my energy
Makes the lyrics syntax complex
Surreal context like tantric sex
I plant Venus in your garden like a flower
Ground your skeleton with Mars power
Enlighten your vision like a Galileo observation
You can find me by the constellation
You can find me in your peace diaspora
Like a love metaphor straight from your aura
I meditate, I feel, I think and foresee
I emancipate and free the mystery
I contemplate observe the curves of history
I transcend I forever claim victory
I challenge physics, unify mystics
Decode hieroglyphics and the metaphysics
My roots covered by the dunes of the Sahara
My leaves overpass the Himalaya
You want to classify me
 I am more than DNA
I am a divine matter inspiring the Milky Way

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